Are You Aware About Various Benefits That CBD Can Offer to Senior Citizens?


Plenty of research is being carried out by the medical researchers with the help of various clinical trials to understand the medicinal benefits of CBD. Since CBD unlike THC can produce psychoactive effects and hence it can be exploited to get health benefits.

We humans too have endocannabinoid system in our brain and therefore when an external cannabinoid reacts with our internal system then it can offer us many benefits. Since most of the present-day baby boomers will soon turn into senior citizens, there is a lot of interest to know about its effects on senior citizens too.

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Following are few reasons why CBD can be used by senior citizens too –

  • Pain relief

Cannabis is already known as an effective pain reliever, which is even better than prescription medication. Senior citizens who suffer from arthritis or any nerve pain may be benefitted.

Clinical studies have also proved Marijuana to be effective in treating various kinds of pains.

  • Bone health

Elderly people who have fragile bones can be benefitted from Cannabis. As per the study, using cannabis can help in healing fractures and also support healthier bones. Patients having multiple sclerosis may find cannabis very useful because of anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

  • Soothing effects

Not only CBD can offer soothing effects to aged people but also promotes better energy feeling and can act against inertia. CBD strengthens our cells and contributes to our complete regeneration. Besides, CBD being antioxidant can promote a sense of vigilance, which often gets disturbed due to various free radicals.

  • Fights glaucoma

Research results support that cannabis can treat glaucoma. Glaucoma, being a neurodegenerative disease can affect the sight of an individual from increase in eye pressure, which is known as IOP or intraocular pressure.

  • Insomnia

As we get older, more difficult it becomes to get deep sleep. Sleep quality is very important to prevent various age-related neurodegenerative diseases like glaucoma or Alzheimer’s disease. CBD can help to get deep sleep phase by reducing lighter sleeping phases.

  • Alternative to any prescription medicines

Number of seniors using prescription drugs daily is growing each year however, prescription drugs are extremely dangerous for all users, which can often be responsible for tissue/organ loss, drug addiction, and sometime even death.

CBD can offer alternative to many prescription drugs that can prevent addictions.

  • Stimulates appetite

Another dangerous health hazard particularly among senior citizens is loss of appetite, and that causes weight loss, mental issues and tissue weakness. While with research on marijuana has shown that appetite can improve with CBD particularly for seniors.

  • Alzheimer’s and dementia

As per multiple studies, CBD, can usefully contribute to elimination of toxic protein that is related to these diseases. Generally, this gets triggered by brain’s loss of inflammation and damaged cell regeneration.

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