Top 7 Driving Tips Which No Driving School Will Teach You


Well, you might be under an impression that driving schools teach you everything. Unfortunately, that is not how it is. So, if you are a concerned driver, and want to assure your safety, here are top 7 driving tips to follow. Following these tips will now only provide you peace of mind, but might even save your life. So, let’s get started…

Top 7 Driving Tips for New Drivers

  1. Feel where your wheels are moving

In order to avoid potholes and keep your hubcaps scratch less, it is necessary that you learn where your wheels are moving. Now, this is not something which you can learn overnight. It will need a lot of time and practice. Start by using the empty plastic bottle trick. Simple take an empty plastic bottle and step on it.

Next, place it on the road and practice driving over it. Keep your windows open to hear the sound of bottle crunching and with it gradually learn where the wheels exactly move. Reputed driving schools like Pass First Go teach many such techniques and thereby make driving easier for their students. If you are considering taking some driving lessons Wagga Wagga, do get in touch with

  1. Check all the mirrors

Yes, you have definitely learned to adjust the mirrors correctly, but it is important to make sure they are properly adjusted every time you get behind the wheel. This is especially important if more than one person is using a car.

  1. Trust your mirrors and use your windows while parking

When you are parking perpendicular, stop as soon as you see the curb right under your side mirror. This will make sure that there is minimum yet sufficient distance between the curb and the car. For parallel parking, it is recommended you stick a colored tape at the bottom of windshield. Stop when the curb line matches the mark.

  1. Focus on the taller cars moving in front of you

Drivers driving taller vehicles like buses and trucks are able to see road situations much more clearly. If you notice them slowing down, changing lanes, or breaking suddenly, make sure you follow them. There are very good chances that there is some roadblock or a car accident ahead which you can’t see but they can clearly.

  1. Operate your hand breaks frequently

It is always a good idea to use your handbrakes even when you aren’t angle parking. The thing is handbrakes can be a life-saver in times of accidents, and thus it is crucial that you keep them alive and in proper working condition.

  1. Change your rear-view mirror mode at night

There are many drivers out there who don’t know that rearview mirror comes with 2 modes. Now, you won’t be blinded by the car behind if you simply change the rearview mirror angle by pulling a small lever under it.

  1. If your car doesn’t start, heat up the battery

In winters, the car doesn’t start easily on first try. So, instead of overloading your engine, simply turn on the high beams and let the battery heat up a little.

Now, some of the tips given above might seem very obvious, but yet drivers have avoided them and ended up hurting themselves. Therefore, every time you are behind the wheel, keep these tips in mind.

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