3 Pieces of Information to Provide When Hiring Exterior Painters


Since most people have yet to order an exterior house painting, most don’t know how to accept proposals. For many people, the process involves having the painters come look at the house and provide a proposal based on that visit. However, this could result in getting various proposals that feature different tasks. This can make it very difficult to compare them. There are some ways that you can ensure the proposals are more similar, allowing you to compare them easier. Here is some of the information that you should provide the professionals of an exterior painting in Kennesaw, GA, about your project.

Preparation Tasks

Many exterior painters will charge based on labor. In addition to the actual painting of the house, this might also include the preparation tasks that must take place. When receiving proposals from painting services, some might include these preparation tasks while others might not. Those that exclude them will likely do so to quote less. By requiring that they include the cost of preparation, you’ll be getting a much more accurate quote. This will allow you to compare all of the quotes against each other to find the one that best fits your budget.


The number of colors that will be needed will also have an impact on the overall cost. Painting a home one color is much easier and quicker than painting a home multiple colors. The painters will have to avoid those colors running together so it might change the way in which they brush. For this reason, a quote of one color will likely differ than if they quote multiple colors. If one company quotes based on multiple colors and another quotes based on using one color, the price might differ significantly. Ensuring that they know the colors you want will allow for a more accurate quote.

Number of Coats

Before you start looking for someone to paint your home, you should determine how many coats you’ll need. This will determine how long it takes to paint and how much paint will be used. Again, different painting services might quote differently. One might quote for the number of coats they think you’ll need while another might quote per coat. This will cause a significant difference in the quotes and will make it difficult to determine the actual price of the latter. Determining the number of coats needed and providing that to the companies will allow you to receive an accurate quote for the project.

When shopping for an exterior painting service, you want to receive accurate quotes from which to choose. This is some of the information you can provide the professionals of exterior painting in Kennesaw GA, to receive accurate quotes.

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