Tips to Know Whether You are Troubled with COVID 19 and Other Pandemic Ailments


Coronavirus is a pandemic that has influenced every person’s life worldwide. People are quite confused as the ailment is new to them and thus, they aren’t able to identify particular symptoms related to the contagious disease.  Moreover, the symptoms are similar to flu, severe cold and of other allergic ailments. Thus, unawareness to differentiate the signs of corona virus or COVID 19 leads them to make mistakes costing their life as well as their beloved and known people.

To be safe from the infectious ailments, it will be helpful to know the right ways to identify the symptoms. Here are few prime indications of varied infectious ailments to help in understanding the signs for treatment.

Understand more about Coronavirus pandemic:

Covid19 is a harmful condition that is spreading among humans. In the last few months from December 2019 to be precise, the whole world is in shock watching the disaster the virus is creating on healthy human beings. It was later identified as COVID 19, a kind of coronavirus.

Coronavirus mainly affects the human’s respiratory system in a fast and effective way. The main issue with the ailment is people having virus in their body in early stages have no symptoms, thus unknowingly the virus spreads to the other person. Moreover, the initial symptoms are similar to common flu and cold, thus people take it lightly and consume medicines related to cold or fever. Thus, pave way for the virus to multiply in their body and play havoc with their life.

Symptoms typically related to COVID 19 is observed from 2nd day to 14th day:

  • Fever – Due to fever, the person feels tired, and has body ache and headache.
  • Dry cough and sore throat – Sometimes even have runny nose and sneezing.
  • Feel difficulty in breathing.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea are other symptoms that are associated with COVID 19.
  • Some patients experience loss of smell and feel the food is tasteless.

The severity of the ailment depends upon the general health condition of the person. Usually, people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues experience adverse effect of coronavirus. People suffering from lower immune system, troubled with respiratory issues like influenza and getting treated for lung related ailments feel the impact of the virus greatly. Infants, children and elderly people are prone to be affected easily thus it is best to stay at home to maintain social distancing. The other effective means to stay safe is wearing 3 ply masks.

Why facial masks are quite effective safety measures against COVID 19?

The initial reason is the drastic ailment spreads through the respiratory droplets of the affected person. While your mouth and nose are covered with the best quality material there are minimal chances of you falling sick due to COVID 19.

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