Social Media Usage Tips for While Your Case is Active


Most personal injury lawyers will tell you to not post anything on social media while your case is pending. While that is ideal, it is also unrealistic given how important social media has become to our communications and how long most personal injury trials last. You should check with your Bradenton, FL, personal injury lawyer about their preference regarding social media, but if you must post, at least follow these rules.

Set Your Posts to Private

Sure, your hits, likes, re-posts, shares and whatever else might suffer if the public cannot witness your literary brilliance. Setting everything to private, however, is one way for you to help the best personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL, control the damage if you do happen to post something that hurts your case. Additionally, if you do post something harmful and take it down or delete it, the chances of someone on the other side seeing it are greatly reduced.

Do Not Accept Friend or Follower Requests

As the legal community has become more social media savvy, paying attention to the posts of an individual involved on social media has become more popular. In many cases, that means friending them or following them formally. When possible, you should ignore any requests that would allow someone to view your posted content. This includes friends and family, mainly because you never know who actually is behind the profile requesting to follow you.

Do Not Discuss Your Case Online

Whether you are posting on a live social media platform or in a forum or other form of social media, you should not mention your case at all. This includes mentioning your medical condition or status as well as what you are doing to improve your health. This includes mentioning meetings, discussions regarding your case, doctor’s visits, insurance company communications, etc. A general rule of thumb is that if some information or opinion is related to your medical condition in the least, leave it off the internet.

Do Not Update Your Medical Condition

Publishing updates on your condition or health can damage our case. It is that simple. If, for example, your post indicates you are better off than you are or claim in your case, or if you mention not following doctor’s orders, you can undermine your entire effort. Plus, because those posts are public, it can be used against you in court.

Do not Post Physical Activities

For the same reason, do not mention any physical activities online, even if to you they seem harmless. You never know how they can be twisted and used against you.

Your Bradenton FL personal injury lawyer, would undoubtedly prefer if you did not post anything online for the duration of your case. If that is impossible, though, at least follow these rules.

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