Things you need to Know About Ketamine


Ketamine is an anesthetic product that most people abuse its hallucinogenic properties. It is predominantly legitimate use in veterinary anesthetic. However, ketamine is approved for both human and animal use.

The abuse of this drug has gained a high level of popularity as people continue to discover the effects of this drug that is associated with PCP. Sexual predators take advantage of ketamine’s’ anesthetic properties to incapacitate their target victims.

In most cases, ketamine is sold as an odorless and colorless liquid or an off-white or white powder. This product is abused in several ways. It can either be in its liquid or powder form. People add them to smokable materials like tobacco or marijuana or mix ketamine with beverages. As powder, the user presses or snorts the drug into tablets while combining with other drugs like ecstasy.

The majority users of ketamine are the young adults and teenagers. The Drug Abuse Warning Network indicate that most of these users range between 12 to 25 years of age contributing to a whole 74% of the users. The biggest concern is that we have so many high school students who use ketamine.

ketamine for migraines

The misuse of this drug comes with several effects. It can make you to have a distorted perception of sight and sound. You can also feel out of control and disconnected. Using this drug can impair the senses of the individual. It can also affect your coordination, and judgment for a period of up to 24 hours. However, the hallucinogenic effect of this drug can last between 45 to 90 minutes.

Using ketamine can be linked to serious physical and mental problems among human beings. It can result into potentially lethal respiratory problems, high blood pressure, impaired motor function, amnesia, delirium, and depression. All these are effects that will come your way if you choose to misuse this drug.

If you misuse ketamine, you can also expose yourself to the risk of sexual assault. Most sexual predators have been using this drug to incapacitate the victims they are targeting. They may offer you the drug to consume in a drink without knowing the risk that you are exposing yourself to.

Some people refer to ketamine as Vitamin K, cat valium. Special K, or K. It all depends with the context of the user. It is illegal to abuse ketamine as a drug because it is a controlled substance. It is the Schedule III substance under controlled substance Act. These Schedule III drugs comprise of the anabolic steroids and codeine. The drugs have a lesser abuse potential than schedule II (cocaine) and schedule I (heroine) drugs. However, when you abuse schedule III drugs, it can result into the psychological and physical dependence on it.

However, there are legit ways of using ketamine as a drug. For instance, you can use ketamine for migraines. The most important thing is to stick to the advice of your medical doctor when using the drug. You don’t want to do something that will leave you with several side effects.

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