How To Generate More Ecommerce Sales In Business With Facebook Ads


Facebook ads have a lot of potential in them. It is the social network that holds the 2nd largest net online ad revenue share all across the globe. Their results are backed up by a lot of data.

An average ROI (return on investment) from Facebook Advertisement is 152% in eCommerce. With more than two million businesses on Facebook, getting high ROI, the attention of the audience and turning them into “eCommerce sales” is becoming difficult day by day.

In this article, we will tell you effective ways by which you can generate more sales in the business.

Improve Click-Through Rate with Buyer Personas

The reason why the click-through rate from Facebook ads only manages to reach 0.20% is because of the generic nature of Facebook ads. Online retailers create generic ads in place of targeted ads. This is because they aim to attract a large chunk of people as they can. They create advertisements that are almost irrelevant to some people.

In order to increase the click-through rate of your business, it is very important to overcome this problem. All you need is to overcome the issue by identification of buyer personas and developing advertisements that touch on the requirements and issues of the buyers.

When you have buyer personas, you can easily develop laser-focused marketing campaigns that reverberate with your business’ target audience, and achieve a high relevance score.

Aiad is a popular facebook ad agency that functions in Sydney. The skilled marketing professionals at this company develop the most effective marketing campaigns to drive sales in the business.

Prequalify Sales Leads in the business

Prequalifying your sales leads is a very important need to accomplish in your business to grow your revenue. Some of the important methods that you should employ to achieve it are as follows:

  • Display the price of the product on the website to filter out people
  • List your target market
  • Mention purchase conditions, shipping destinations, payment methods and other purchase-related details on the website

All the above things when you mention on the website would help you shortlist your customers.

Offer Incentives to people when they click on the advertisement

To compete with several advertising firms on Facebook, it is important to grab the user’s attention. Some of the ways by which it helps you in the business are given below.

Use Urgency tactics to subconsciously impact people to buy your products and services. Some of the methods that you can try to accomplish it in the business are:

  • Mention available stock
  • Offer an Irresistible Deal
  • Offer a limited product promotion style
  • Use phrases that evoke urgency
  • limited time,
  • hurry,
  • only,
  • last chance,
  • act now,
  • clearance,
  • today only,
  • do not miss out,
  • offer expires,
  • prices rising up


If you find that your Facebook advertisement is not getting you the desired benefits compared to the efforts that you put in your business, then you should definitely need to restructure your FB marketing approach. Improvise the effectiveness of your campaigns by implementing these tips, and drive more sales in the business with Facebook Ads.

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