Unique Ideas to Choose the Best 70’s Costume for Everyone


Fashion in 1970’s was experimental and varied. Many outfits including midi skirts, peasant blouses, maxi dresses, bell bottom pants, and more were popular during this period. Among all these, bell bottom was the most classic look of the decade. Big sunglasses, long hair, and everything big were added up to the fashion.

If you like to relive the 1970s decade, Halloween would be the best occasion. If you are searching for a unique idea to choose the 70’s costume for Halloween you can visit the website of online stores for the best ideas. Here are few costume ideas of the 1970s fashion that help you in making your Halloween dream come true.

Princess leia

Princess Leia Organa is the fearless lady and the great hero of the galaxy. The best thing about this outfit is that it fits best even to skinny guys.

Rocky Horror

Gather your friends and choose the characters of your favorite horror show to make the Halloween monster mash.

A Clock Orange

Choose an ultraviolent fictional character like Alex DeLarge. Dress up with a milky white shirt and pant, cane, bowler hat and some falsies.

The Coven

Make a Coven look this Halloween with black dress, tight, boots, and hat. Then capture a photo in front of an old mansion. It’s hard to find an old mansion, but put your efforts to get a monochromatic look.

Ziggy Stardust

Honor the most popular and influential musician David Bowie by dressing with lighting paint on your face. Also, throw some sequins and get ready to sway.

Addams Family

If you like to go for a classy look on this Halloween, then Addams family is the best choice. You can choose either a group costume or any character. You can make a big family or a small family as you wish by adding the characters like Debbie, Cousin Itt, Fester, and more. Each and every costume is so simple – just wear black dress and pose like Addams Family.

Marie Antoinette

This is the favorite costume of most of the people as it looks unique and makes you stand out from others. Dress up with a full-length grown, Victorian wig, pearl necklace, and gloves. Hold cupcakes in hands for a perfect posture.

Disco darlings     

If you need a costume to wear even after Halloween, you can go for Boogie Nights. Get your best friends and pile on the velvet, fringe, and glitter. All these you can wear again on a party or night out in your town. For more glamorous look use more glitter. You can use the glitter to polish your nails or purchase the body glitter.

In addition to these, you can even try other costumes like Disco Ball, Freddie Mercury, Josie and pussy cats, Kraftwerk, and more. From these, choose the best one depending on your interest.

You can find various online stores that sell a wide variety of 70’s Costumes for Halloween. Choose the best store from them and select your favorite outfit. Also, keep the same attitude related to the theme you chosen and make this Halloween a memorable experience.

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