Tips on How to Senior Proof Any Home

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When living with elderly people in your home, you need to make sure that their safety is placed high on your care giving list. Every year, there are plenty of reported accidents and injuries that include seniors. Risks are even higher for those who live on their own. There are many ways to guarantee that they’re comfortable and as far away from harm as possible, but first things first.

Assess what hazards are present in your aging loved ones’ house to plan the necessary safety upgrades. Also, consider preexisting medical conditions when doing so. Continue reading to learn about the ways you can senior proof your home.

Install an Electric Chair Lift

To children, staircases are built-in home playgrounds that offer hours of fun. But, to the elderly, every step is a difficult challenge they must overcome. Having a lift installed provides seniors with mobility when switching floors.

Build Ramps and Railings

Gentle slopes in ramps allow elderly people to walk without raising their knees too high. The railings give them stability and security while walking. These upgrades enable seniors to move around safely and get some exercise.

Replace Tubs and Showers

A walk-in shower tub comboupgrade means fun for the young ones while being extremely beneficial to the young once. This hybrid home addition isn’t just convenient, but it’s also loaded with a lot of safety features.Some variants even offer luxurious spa-like experiences.

Install Grab Bars

Navigating the house should be easy for elders when there are support rods everywhere. These add-ons help seniors walk around the home with minimal assistance.

Elevate Chairs

It’s normal for aging people to have joint pains. They find it hard to get back up after sitting on a low chair for some time. To eliminate this problem, raise the height of the seats inside your home. This way, your elders will only need to push themselves a bit forward to resume a standing position.

Buy an Alert System With a Wearable

When the button on the accessory (such as a pendant or watch) is pressed, it connects to the alerting device, which then contacts a dispatch center. The staff then chats with the wearer to figure out what happened and what help is needed. If the person calling for assistance can’t respond verbally, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) will immediately be sent to the address registered to them. This allows timely medical support and prevents any serious complications.

These are the things you can do to senior proof your home. While you can build some of these on your own, you’ll have to work with contractors with the others. Don’t worry, though. You’ll easily find a trusted electric chair lift and walk in shower tub installer by looking online. Just remember to check out client reviews to make sure you’re working with the best in the area.

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