How Email Hosting Can Help Your Business


Despite several people saying email is already outdated, a lot of businesses still use email for their transactions and communications. Email is more than just a means to connect with your customers. It’s a powerful marketing and operational tool that plays a big role in the success of your business.

Think of your company’s email address as part of your brand. How do you want your email address to represent your brand and your company? One way to do this is by taking advantage of email hosting.

What’s Email Hosting?

A part of web hosting, email hosting is a service that processes email servers and handles all your email data needed to receive and send messages. Email hosting accounts provide small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with advanced and extensive email features, especially when they experience large email traffic daily.

As mentioned before, an email hosting account can be integrated into your branding. This is because the service allows you to have your own domain name as your company’s email address. So every time you send out a newsletter to your customers, they can immediately identify you in their inbox. But of course, this service offers more than a solid identity.

What Are Some Features of Email Hosting?

Email hosting services offer professional features that can give your company the best possible email experience. Here’s what you can get and enjoy when you sign up for an email hosting service:

  1. Disk storage – Email hosting services offer huge storage space to accommodate your company’s communication needs.
  2. Spam and antivirus – Free email services lack advanced anti-phishing solutions that can protect your email from hackers. With premium email hosting, your messages are sent directly to its own dedicated server. This keeps your emails secure with updated security protocols and disaster recovery solutions.
  3. Collaboration tools – Useful tools like task lists, shared calendars, and address books are often included in premium email hosting services. You and your team will be conveniently notified of meetings, client calls, and other important dates.

Web hosting services like email hosting can be a great solution for streamlining your business’ communication and helping your customers find you easily in their inbox. Having safe, secure, and professional email hosting accounts can help establish your company as a reliable business that’s serious about communicating internally and externally.

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